Spring Surprises in the Yard!




My yard is all new to me, since I got this place last august. Is that a cherry? Whatever it may be, the pretty, pretty flowers came one day a bit more than a week ago, and then a couple days ago they just vanished! They were there one day and the next morning, they weren’t. What happened?! 🙂


What a happy occurrence: I got a couple Hydrangeas just after I bought the place, and they were just outside in their pots for the whole winter. No cover, no insulation, nothing. I never thought they made it, but come spring there was a few tiny buds. I decided to prune them, some wikipedia article I checked suggested to prune them in the spring – and they started budding a lot more! Who would have thought they made it through the Finnish winter?! 😀


And the last happy surprise was the tulips – I never knew my terrace had tulips! How utterly awesome!! 😀

I can’t wait for all the rest of the surprises as the summer advances… What is it going to look like here in a couple of weeks? It’s like getting new presents all the time! 🙂