NTNU campus photowalk


The NTNU or Norwegian University of Science and Technology is located in Trondheim and is the alma mater of most of my Norwegian friends. The campus area is very nice, with lots of parky green areas and beautiful old buildings. Some of the newer architecture is pretty cool too! 🙂


NTNU eli Norjan teknis-tieteellinen yliopisto sijaitsee Trondheimissa, ja suurin osa norjalaisista kavereistani opiskeli (tai opiskelee) siellä. Kampusalue on aika kiva puistomaisine viheralueineen ja vanhoine rakennuksineen. Osa uudemmistakin on aika hienoja! 🙂

IMG_1115  IMG_9614 IMG_9615 IMG_9636 IMG_9637 IMG_9641 IMG_9643 IMG_9646

Trondheim memories


Trondheim has been a home away from home to me, but now my boyfriend is moving to Ă…lesund for an unknown amount of time. I’m happy for the new opportunities (scuba is amazing over there!), but also sort of wistful. Trondheim is a beautiful city and a big hub of our norwegian friends! Of course, Ă…lesund is supposed to be very pretty as well, the friends will still be here, and it’s not long until the next visit in september! 🙂


Trondheim on ollut mulle toinen koti, mutta nyt poikaystäväni muuttaa Ålesundiin määrittämättömäksi ajaksi. Tietysti olen onnellinen uusista mahdollisuuksista (sukeltaminen on huippua siellä!), mutta myös vähän kaihoisa. Trondheim on kaunis kaupunki ja koti isolle osalle norjalaisista kavereistamme. No, Ålesundikin kuuluu olevan tosi nätti, kaverit asuvat tietysti edelleen täällä, eikä seuraavaan visiittiinkään ole pitkä aika, se kun on syyskuussa! 🙂

IMG_1093 IMG_9577 IMG_9575 IMG_9381 IMG_9324 IMG_9310 IMG_9305 IMG_9300 IMG_1137 IMG_1131 IMG_1129 IMG_1127 IMG_1114 IMG_1110 IMG_1108 IMG_1096

on the shelf

IMG_9820 IMG_9824 IMG_9822

IMG_9827 IMG_9829 IMG_9830


The shelf went on the wall a while ago, but the shelves themselves are still untreated. They’re waiting for me to fix the sander situation… Namely, to beg, borrow or steal one (no worries, I’m not really gonna steal it!) so I could start waiting for the motivation to begin sanding! 🙂

While the shelves wait to be treated with sandpaper and wax, I’ve been playing with stuff to put on them… and trying to take better-looking photos of the results. So far, so good, but there’s still a long way to go for getting them to look more pro!

Anyway, this green theme is a favorite so far, and I’m pretty happy with the photos too! 🙂

Amsterdam 2011

I wanted to try the gallery feature and picked my Amsterdam photos for that. I had a few days and rented a bike, spending endless hours around the city just enjoying the canals, flowers, architecture and the overall awesomeness! I visited the Artis Royal Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, the Central Library, FOAM and a couple other museums. What a great city!!

Click on the photos for a sliding gallery! 🙂