goutweed / vuohenputket

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Wild flowers are a midsummer staple and great for indoors and out! For something that’s considered weeds, goutweeds are pretty awesome: beautiful, ecological (no pesticides, fertilizers or transport) and free! The leaves are also edible as wild herbs in the spring, I’ve used them in sallads, soups and stews. The taste is mildly spinachey when the leaves are young, but now that they’re in bloom the taste goes sharp and the plant much woodier. I’ve read that they also have mild sedative effects in bigger quantities (haven’t experienced this, but I’ve been careful to use them only for taste) and have been used to treat gout as poultices, hence the name…


Niittykukat kuuluu keskikesän juhlaan! Vuohenputki leviää helposti ja sitä on vaikea hävittää kasvupaikoiltaan, joka voi harmittaa tarkkaa puutarhuria, mutta juhannusta kotosalla viettävälle ne sopii kuin nenä päähän! 🙂 Kaunista, ekologista (ei viljelyä tai kuljetusta) ja ilmaista! Vuohenputken lehtiä voi käyttää villiyrttinä keväällä, itse oon kokeillu salaateissa (parasta, kun lehdet on ihan pieniä ja ruttusia!) ja pataruuissa. Maku muistuttaa lempesti pinaattia nuorissa lehdissä, mutta kitkeröityy ja lehdistä tulee puisia kun kasvi alkaa kukkia. Aiemmin vuohenputkea on käytetty kihdin hoitoon kipeän nivelen kääreenä…

herb garden

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Found some of these herb mugs I’ve bought ages ago from Ikea and decided to plant them as well (the metal containers are a similar Ikea herb set). I’m so excited to see them grow! The coriander, thyme and basil have already grewn quite a lot, and now I added oregano, lemon balm (melissa) and parsley. They say watching plants calms people down and I for one can vouch for that 🙂

The herbs went outside after they sprouted, but I had to take them back in and grow them under my green light. There’s tons of bugs out, the small, green kind that suck juices out of my little herbs! I tried to take a pic of one, sitting under a basil leaf here:


They even come inside, when I have the door open. So far, I’ve been combating them by physically removing the ones I see, but that takes a lot of effort. So I’m out for a poison… Plus, my violets and hydrangeas are full of those buggers also, so I’d like to find something that works both inside and out. 🙂


Aaaand yes, that violet is in serious need of a new planter! 😀