Dumpster Diving


Look at all the nifty things I found! 😀 I’m proudly into dumpster diving – sometimes they are gross and smelly, but sometimes you find gems! What’s better than scoring a free find or two AND keeping them out of the landfill? Metal is recyclable and shouldn’t go in the dumpster anyway…

The containers are gonna be planters on my patio and I sort of see the grille for hanging jewelry and whatnot. The ladle and ramekins can be handy, too…  I have no idea whatsoever what to do with the aluminum and stainless shakers, but they were cute. 🙂

Thrifting in Trondheim


I get to travel to Trondheim, Norway pretty regularly these days. And gotta love the Norwegian Fretex or the Salvation Army for thrifting! I found this cute peacock tapestry for about 8 euros. I’m planning to turn into pillows. Aren’t those colors pretty? 🙂


I collect retro-ish tall juice glasses and these turquoise and cream tones are a nice addition (I bought 6 of them for less than a euro/glass)! I also picked up copper-colored alu ice tongs, a pizza cutter (that needs some loving), a sea lion -shaped bottle opener and a tiny brass owl figurine.


On tuesday I hit a jackpot with glassware – Iittala Festivo candlestick holders (5 euros for the two!!) and a tealight holder, 2 juice glasses, a mid century modern Swedish Gefle plate, a French citrus juicer, a hand-carved teak jar, an ornate spaghetti ladle and an alu steaming basket.

The basket is pretty grimy, so I might just plant something in it, but we’ll see if I can get it cleaned. Most of these finds are also from Fretex, but the juice glasses I found in Tante Isabel’s brukt butikk (or used goods store) on Fjordgata.

Norway is an insanely expensive country to live in, but thrifting is affordable: I spent a total of 345 NOK or 45 euros on these! The candlesticks alone can cost as much in Finland… But that’s so great about thrifting: one person’s trash can be another’s treasure! Clothes are usually on the expensive side in the Norwegian Fretex, but that matters little to me since I mostly look for decor items and crafting materials anyway. Finnish glass and ceramics like Iittala and Arabia are less well known in Norway than in Finland, so the prices can be very good!