fall “garden”

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The weather’s been great during the days, but in the nights the temperatures already plunge over here. To prepare for fall, mom and I got some cold-resistant flowers and greenery for my little patio! Lacking a big enough planter, we took stock of what we had on hand and used a big wicker basket.


Sää on ollut ihana viime päivinä, mutta iltaisin lämpötila painuu jo aika alas. Syksyn varalle haettiin äidin kanssa kylmää kestävää nättiä pihalle! Kun ei ollut tarpeeksi isoa ruukkua, käytettiin sitten rottinkikoria.


The herbs haven’t really grown too much, but they’re super tasty! I wonder if I should start using the plant light again… being so high up north, I suspect the sun might not be enough by itself anymore. Apparently I should also wash those windows! 🙂


Yrtit ei oo kasvaneet kovin paljon, mutta maku on voimakas ja hyvä! Pohdiskelin, pitäisikö alkaa taas käyttää tuota kasvivaloa… Epäilen ettei pelkkä aurinko näillä leveysasteilla enää oikein riitä kasveille. Ja ikkunatkin pitäs näköjään taas pestä! 🙂

goutweed / vuohenputket

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Wild flowers are a midsummer staple and great for indoors and out! For something that’s considered weeds, goutweeds are pretty awesome: beautiful, ecological (no pesticides, fertilizers or transport) and free! The leaves are also edible as wild herbs in the spring, I’ve used them in sallads, soups and stews. The taste is mildly spinachey when the leaves are young, but now that they’re in bloom the taste goes sharp and the plant much woodier. I’ve read that they also have mild sedative effects in bigger quantities (haven’t experienced this, but I’ve been careful to use them only for taste) and have been used to treat gout as poultices, hence the name…


Niittykukat kuuluu keskikesän juhlaan! Vuohenputki leviää helposti ja sitä on vaikea hävittää kasvupaikoiltaan, joka voi harmittaa tarkkaa puutarhuria, mutta juhannusta kotosalla viettävälle ne sopii kuin nenä päähän! 🙂 Kaunista, ekologista (ei viljelyä tai kuljetusta) ja ilmaista! Vuohenputken lehtiä voi käyttää villiyrttinä keväällä, itse oon kokeillu salaateissa (parasta, kun lehdet on ihan pieniä ja ruttusia!) ja pataruuissa. Maku muistuttaa lempesti pinaattia nuorissa lehdissä, mutta kitkeröityy ja lehdistä tulee puisia kun kasvi alkaa kukkia. Aiemmin vuohenputkea on käytetty kihdin hoitoon kipeän nivelen kääreenä…

herb garden

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Found some of these herb mugs I’ve bought ages ago from Ikea and decided to plant them as well (the metal containers are a similar Ikea herb set). I’m so excited to see them grow! The coriander, thyme and basil have already grewn quite a lot, and now I added oregano, lemon balm (melissa) and parsley. They say watching plants calms people down and I for one can vouch for that 🙂

The herbs went outside after they sprouted, but I had to take them back in and grow them under my green light. There’s tons of bugs out, the small, green kind that suck juices out of my little herbs! I tried to take a pic of one, sitting under a basil leaf here:


They even come inside, when I have the door open. So far, I’ve been combating them by physically removing the ones I see, but that takes a lot of effort. So I’m out for a poison… Plus, my violets and hydrangeas are full of those buggers also, so I’d like to find something that works both inside and out. 🙂


Aaaand yes, that violet is in serious need of a new planter! 😀

Berg studentby in Trondheim




The Berg Studentby is a student housing village in Trondheim completed in 2010. The photos on top are from when it was newly opened, and below are some more recent ones from yesterday’s sightseeing trip. It’s an unbelievably attractive place! The small houses remind me of the British town houses, right next to each other, and yet the architecture is very fresh and current. And the colors! The wooden paneling is a modern take on a very traditional wall treatment, but the doors are delightful pops of bright yellow, neon green and deep fuchsia…

IMG_9620 IMG_9619

There’s tons of attractive activity space around: green areas for picnics and lounging, and even a beach volley field!

IMG_9621 IMG_9622

Recycling is enabled smoothly with these underground bins. And a dedicated bin for disposable grills so the embers won’t start a fire!



I wish I was a student again so that I could move in here… I see this a a great alternative to small apartments in high rises and wish they’d start building something similar in Finland! How do you like it? 🙂





It’s been so warm lately the wild lupines have gotten crazy along the roads and fields! I was away on a work trip for this past week, but now that I got home I couldn’t resist anymore – I had to go pick some! 🙂 Might have gone a bit over board here, but they’re just so lush and gorgeous…IMG_9241

Even the leaves are lovely! They remind me of fan palms and always bring a nice, tropical feeling… 🙂

The table cloth is a recent find at a flea market. I’m thinking of making a few sit pillows for the outdoor area and loved the geometry of this piece!

Office Chair Makeover


The Before…


…and the After!

I think it’s from the 50s or 60s. The shape of the chair was around for many decades, I think, but the back rest and seat are a sandwich construction of a wood frame and plywood covers, and somehow that and the metal bits just suggest that era to me. Honestly though, I have no idea. Do share if you have some knowledge of this type of chairs! 🙂

At first I thought to use either a green or grey fabric, but the green fabric is a bit thin and the grey seemed dull when I’d looked at it for a while. I had some durable white canvas left over from the sofa project and figured I’ll just use that for now. I think I’ll sew a slipcover from the green – that way it’s easier to replace if it’s too thin to handle the use.

Here’s a tutorial on how I upholstered this chair! 🙂 Hope you like it!

Spring Surprises in the Yard!




My yard is all new to me, since I got this place last august. Is that a cherry? Whatever it may be, the pretty, pretty flowers came one day a bit more than a week ago, and then a couple days ago they just vanished! They were there one day and the next morning, they weren’t. What happened?! 🙂


What a happy occurrence: I got a couple Hydrangeas just after I bought the place, and they were just outside in their pots for the whole winter. No cover, no insulation, nothing. I never thought they made it, but come spring there was a few tiny buds. I decided to prune them, some wikipedia article I checked suggested to prune them in the spring – and they started budding a lot more! Who would have thought they made it through the Finnish winter?! 😀


And the last happy surprise was the tulips – I never knew my terrace had tulips! How utterly awesome!! 😀

I can’t wait for all the rest of the surprises as the summer advances… What is it going to look like here in a couple of weeks? It’s like getting new presents all the time! 🙂