herb garden

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Found some of these herb mugs I’ve bought ages ago from Ikea and decided to plant them as well (the metal containers are a similar Ikea herb set). I’m so excited to see them grow! The coriander, thyme and basil have already grewn quite a lot, and now I added oregano, lemon balm (melissa) and parsley. They say watching plants calms people down and I for one can vouch for that 🙂

The herbs went outside after they sprouted, but I had to take them back in and grow them under my green light. There’s tons of bugs out, the small, green kind that suck juices out of my little herbs! I tried to take a pic of one, sitting under a basil leaf here:


They even come inside, when I have the door open. So far, I’ve been combating them by physically removing the ones I see, but that takes a lot of effort. So I’m out for a poison… Plus, my violets and hydrangeas are full of those buggers also, so I’d like to find something that works both inside and out. 🙂


Aaaand yes, that violet is in serious need of a new planter! 😀


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