on the shelf

IMG_9820 IMG_9824 IMG_9822

IMG_9827 IMG_9829 IMG_9830


The shelf went on the wall a while ago, but the shelves themselves are still untreated. They’re waiting for me to fix the sander situation… Namely, to beg, borrow or steal one (no worries, I’m not really gonna steal it!) so I could start waiting for the motivation to begin sanding! 🙂

While the shelves wait to be treated with sandpaper and wax, I’ve been playing with stuff to put on them… and trying to take better-looking photos of the results. So far, so good, but there’s still a long way to go for getting them to look more pro!

Anyway, this green theme is a favorite so far, and I’m pretty happy with the photos too! 🙂


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