Berg studentby in Trondheim




The Berg Studentby is a student housing village in Trondheim completed in 2010. The photos on top are from when it was newly opened, and below are some more recent ones from yesterday’s sightseeing trip. It’s an unbelievably attractive place! The small houses remind me of the British town houses, right next to each other, and yet the architecture is very fresh and current. And the colors! The wooden paneling is a modern take on a very traditional wall treatment, but the doors are delightful pops of bright yellow, neon green and deep fuchsia…

IMG_9620 IMG_9619

There’s tons of attractive activity space around: green areas for picnics and lounging, and even a beach volley field!

IMG_9621 IMG_9622

Recycling is enabled smoothly with these underground bins. And a dedicated bin for disposable grills so the embers won’t start a fire!



I wish I was a student again so that I could move in here… I see this a a great alternative to small apartments in high rises and wish they’d start building something similar in Finland! How do you like it? 🙂


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