Renovation: Prepping the Kitchen


So this was the kitchen before. I got rid of that wall on the left and switched the kitchen around to make it more functional. The wall on the right in the picture is the new kitchen wall, and the old kitchen wall is a plain wall. The plumbing and pipes were changed around like this:


The red line marks where the plumbing and pipes run, and unfortunately a lot of that would have been visible in the new kitchen. So we built the wall out to house the plumbing, pipes and electricity. Also, there were 2 holes near the ceiling. These are for the air to get around the building and could not be covered. So we put in extension pipes for them.


I was super afraid to drill into the floor because of the underfloor heating. I had no idea where the pipes lay in the floor, although they probably didn’t run them right next to the bathroom wall under the kitchen cabinets in -58. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to risk puncturing one of them. So we attached the vertical studs on a horizontal stud that’s attached to the original wall behind it. It took some fiddling to get the wall extension as thin as possible, so here we’re building a bridge over the original sewer that was much wider than the modern plastic plumbing.



I had the plumber and electrician come in and finish everything they needed to do behind the wall, and then we finished the studs and attached the drywall. You can see the drywall up in the post about the floor.


After the wall was finished and floor extended all the way, we smoothed the new kitchen wall and put up the wallpaper. The plumbing and electrical cables are still just sticking out of the wall, since further progress with them needed the kitchen to be assembled first.

That recess the fridge and oven are sitting in is actually sticking out from the building wall. It  used to be one of those pantries or cold storage cabinets they had in the 50’s. It basically had insulated doors and a couple of holes in the back wall, to let in the cold air from the outside. Now the doors are gone, the holes covered and insulated and it’s just a weirdly shaped nook in the kitchen… but more of that later!


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